3 Minute Doodle

How it all began.

In December 2014 I was on the phone at work and doodled a cartoony face in biro on a sticky note. On a whim, I posted the doodle on Twitter.


Seconds later I got a tweet from my friend Ethan: “Doodle me!!” So I did, with a caveat that I’d literally spent three minutes on it. My friend Darren then asked for one, then David… and before I could blink, the requests to be doodled were flooding in.


I used a hashtag of #3MinuteDoodle and after a short while decided that the drawings needed their own Twitter account. At that point the portraits were still fast and loose and taking roughly three minutes still, so @3MinuteDoodle was born.


I’m overwhelmed by the interest it has generated,
with many hundreds of requests received.


Since then...

Since those first doodles the style has evolved and refined and the length of time taken on each has extended, but the name had already stuck!

The portraits are 3MinuteDoodles in name only and now take more than 45 minutes each. They are still, however, drawn in biro (albeit a fine-tipped one now) on the same sticky notes!

I’ve learned a lot about drawing faces since I started, and about how my creative flow works. I find it fascinating to look back on each portrait in sequence and see how my skill has evolved, and I hope you’ll enjoy looking at the images and discovering the development of my style. 

Click here to watch an interview I did all about my life as an artist. I hope you enjoy it! 

3 Minute Doodle - The Book

Coffee table book of all the portraits I posted on Twitter during the first year, plus a few extras! 

© 2017 Mark Manley

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